Southern Vermont Trails and Beer Trails

In this blog post, we have compiled some of our favorite hikes in the Jamaica, Vermont area for you and your friends to enjoy while staying at River & Rye, or simply just visiting the Southern Vermont Area. We've included a few tips and tricks to ensure the most enjoyable hiking experience. You'll also find suggestions of where to stop in the area for a local bite to eat prior to hiking and our favorite local beer spots to visit post trek.

West River Provisions: If you’re looking for some healthy snacks, or snacks for your journey, this little supermarket is perfect for your hiking munchies. You can also grab yourself a deliciously prepared deli sandwich to-go!

HoneyPie: If you’re seeking something a bit bigger and indulgent, HoneyPie is your go-to spot for a juicy burger, or a well crafted sandwich. It may not be the best food to carry on your hike, but it definitely will fill you up if you decide to go here and eat at one of their awesome outside tables. We love it here!

The Corner Market Deli: The corner market deli is a great spot to grab a quick bite, and some goodies for your excursion. Sometimes they even have some fresh baked goods from a local bakery!

Zoeys Deli: Amazing staff, with great classic sandwiches like a BLT, or a chicken salad wrap etc. This is a great spot to grab a bag of chips, a sandwich, and an iced tea and hit the road!

Ready to get outside? We have compiled some of our favorite local hikes for you and your family. All the hikes are in close proximity to R+R, so you can get your boots on quick, get outside and have just enough time to get a beer before making it back to your cozy stay.

Lye Brook Falls Trailhead

Glen Rd, Manchester Center, VT 05255, United States

(Green Mountain National Forest)

30 minutes away from the lodge

Considered a moderate hike on All Trails, with only a 918 ft elevation gain, this particular hike has 1,527 reviews and nearly 5 stars. This is a super popular hike in the southern Vermont area during the winter and summer months. We especially love this hike during the summer months for its incredibly refreshing and glowing waterfall. After partaking in this 4.5 out and back trail, all you’re going to want to do is cool down and enjoy the sounds of the waterfall.

Hamilton Falls Trail

Hamilton Falls Rd, Jamaica, VT 05343, United States

23 minutes away from the lodge

Because it's summer we can’t help but list another waterfall hike for you to check out. Hamilton Falls is a short drive away from the lodge, but will take you about 3 hours to complete depending on the type of hiker you are. It’s rated moderate amongst those who embarked on the journey, but more so because the hike is nearly 6 miles. Only a 757 ft elevation gain, the out & back trail is super popular amongst tourists and locals for various reasons. The falls is a great place to unwind with a snack pack, a friend and/or your dog! Note though, it’s $4 to enter.

Overlook Trail via West River Trail

Jamaica State Park

4 Min from the lodge

How lucky are we that this hike is super close to the lodge? We especially love it because it’s great during all the seasons, but in the summer it’s great for running and walking with your family, friends, dog, etc. Rated moderate on AllTrails with a 2.4 mile loop formation, hikers, travelers, and locals love this nature getaway. You can come here to find some quiet or to socialize. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete, which is perfect for a little morning movement.

Gale Meadows Pond

South Londonderry Vermont

17 min from lodge

This is a hike for those who want to lay low, but still want to move their body. Practically no elevation gain, this loop trail around the Gale Meadow Pond is also a quiet oasis; it’s unlikely you will see anyone else on this trail so it’s a perfect spot to explore with your children. The trail takes about 1.5 hours to complete, but it all really depends on how fast of a walker you are because the full excursion is about 3.6 miles. While exploring, you may see some kayakers, so make sure you wave hi!

Stratton Mountain Firetower Hike

Southern Londonderry, Vermont.

15 Min from the lodge

Considered an easy stroll, the Firetower Hike takes only about 35 minutes to complete; it's an 1.5 mile out and back trail, and is accessed on the top of the Summit Gondola. Perhaps you need a little morning exercise but you don’t have much time? This is a perfect hike for you.

Now that the adventures are over, why not have a beer? Here are some of our favorite local spots all within close distance to the inn.

Honeypie: We know we already mentioned this cool spot, but we didn’t mention that they also have ice cream and beer. It’s a perfect hang out spot to grab a soft serve cone in one hand and a beer in another.

Harvest Brewing: A great spot for you to unwind with friends post hike for some Mexican inspired treats, and some hoppy beer.

Hermit Thrush: We love a sour beer in the summer. And if you do too, this is the place for you. All their beers are sour and delicious. .

Beer Naked Brewery: Two things we love: pizza and beer and Beer Naked supplies it. If you are hungry post hike, order a pizza and sit down with a cold one. Personally, that sounds nice right about now.

Thanks for reading! We love making suggestions for your outdoor adventures, while also supporting our community any way we can. Please feel free to email us with any other suggestions we may be missing! We’d love to hear from you.

-River & Rye Team.

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