Where We Went & What We Packed: Glamping at the Sou'Wester (Seaview, Washington)

Updated: Jul 22

By Maddy & Wiktor, Winhall, VT

It feels appropriate to start the blog with some Sou’Wester spirit and inspiration.

Friend trips to the Sou’Wester have been one of our major motivations for opening an outdoor oriented dog/ family friendly bed and breakfast/ lodge in New England. We used to joke around about starting the Nor’Easter glamping resort, and in some respects River & Rye will be that. Some of our favorite things about the Sou’Wester are its communal spaces and the cozy quarters that make their accommodations perfect for gathering. Plus, the eclectic assortment of drinking mugs and glasses : )

Where we went:

The Sou’wester Historic Lodge and Vintage Travel Trailer Resort

Seaview, WA

How We traveled:

Camper Van: Chevy Astro

Where we Slept:

The cozy quarters of retrofitted glamping trailers

Who We Went With:

Ragtag bunch of friends from Portland and Seattle (a great meeting place between the two cities)

Some Things We Packed:

Camp kitchen, Solstice inflatable paddle board, Shuler surf boards, headlamps, Camaro 5/4 wetsuits, layers- flannels, jean jackets, mountain hardware puffy jackets, Patagonia rain coats, hunter rain boots, beanies

What we ate/ drank around the fire:

Rainiers, boxed red wine, whiskey, communal breakfast at the outdoor kitchen- scrambled eggs with foraged mushrooms, potatoes, stew, pumpkin pie

What Activities We Did: biking, surfing, getting rained on, drinks and music around the campfire, dance-offs, karaoke

A word or two to describe the trip:

just so much fun

Favorite moment of the trip:

Hmm, so many memories were made here, but the trailer dance-off and karaoke night were unforgettable moments. Also, great games of “what I appreciate about you.” We’ll have to ask Noah/ Brett/ Jonah to explain the parameters of that for you all.

What you took a mental picture of but couldn’t capture with a photo?

The bike ride between the lodge and the beach full of pot-hole puddles

Did anything remarkable or synchronous happen?

An amazing karaoke/ dance-off at the small shantee down the road

What we listened to or a theme song for the trip:

Everything from The Pixies to Drake

Was it kid or dog-kid friendly?

Very dog friendly, between the lodging and the proximity of the dog friendly beach

Would you bring your grandma?

Why not!

Would you visit again?


Lessons-learned for future trips/ visit tips you’d share with your friends:

Trips to the Sou’Wester are definitely a great time with friends- between music at the lodge, visiting artists, bikes to use while you’re there and the great surf beach down the road…

What’s up next on your bucket list?

We’re headed on a little road trip to check out the new Evo Hotel in Salt Lake then driving down to family in Vegas. Making stops at Zion which Maddy and AZW haven’t been to yet, and going to check out Clear Water Distilling whose delicious and creative craft spirits we’re looking forward to carrying at the Vermont Restaurant and Bar at River & Rye.

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