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Neighbors and friends, the Alletto family and the Wadolowski family joined together to bring you River & Rye. The Alletto family has roots in the performance bedding world, with the company bedgear, and settled in Jamaica,  the  small but mighty old mill town. Over the years, they have filled their home with resources to make it easier for their family and guest’s to get outside and have a good day in nature in Southern Vermont and beyond. 


Maddy and Wiktor Wadolowski met in Seattle, WA where they got to know each other over kickball and weekend trips to bike, hike, forage surf or ski.  They are happiest when they can have their dogs off-leash for the day and then return to cook a big, mostly foraged meal for their friends.  They bonded with The Alletto’s over a dream to create a dog and family-friendly, community-oriented basecamp full of all the outdoor gear needed to help people have a good day outside.  Maddy has roots in the wellness industry and practices Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  Wiktor is a “Mr. Fix It” who spends his days in science labs and his evenings and weekends building bikes for himself and others and converting vans. 

Both families believe in a good meal and a goodnight’s sleep so you can wake up and have as good of a day outside tomorrow as you had today.  They  have cultivated  this lifestyle over decades and with the River & Rye they hope to share it with the community at large.

Enter Jamaica, VT the inspiration for R+R and the home of the flagship location.The name River & Rye comes straight from the environment and history of Jamaica- which is on the West River and has history as a Mill Town. 


The Story of The Lodge:

Located in the heart of the Green Mountains and close to many of Vermont’s beloved trails and resorts, like Stratton, Bromley and Mount Snow, the River & Rye lodge property has a history of hosting good hearty meals, travelers and gatherings.


The rugged and innovative village of Jamaica was established in the 1700s and was home to fishing, farming, mills and sheep herding. Located between the larger towns of Brattleboro and Manchester in Southern Vermont, Jamaica began hosting its first travelers in the early 1800s as they made the trip between these two cities. The River & Rye Lodge property has a history of welcoming guests. From its roots as Brookline Inn and Steak House, to most recently as Asta’s Swiss Inn and Restaurant. We look forward to bringing forth this land’s spirit of hospitality and to hosting you under our roof and under the stars at our humble yet spirited abode on the West River.

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Our Mission:  We have places to see, people to meet and a world to take care of.  We’re in the business of supporting a good night’s sleep and the right gear, so people have the resources they need to get outside and grow the connected, good-natured, open minded, and adventurous outdoor community.  We believe when we are in nature, we are reminded of our humanity, we are healthier and we are less divided.  As a company we aim to unite people over the desire to enjoy and celebrate the outdoors together for years to come.  

Our Vision: We see people well rested, in their best spirits, coming together around a fire to share their stories, songs, talents and favorite recipes.  Feeling united, supported and invigorated by a growing community to make the world a better place and to face any challenge that may come their way with an adventurous spirit.  

In general, we are nature enthusiasts, gear heads, wellness experts, mountain bikers, sleep connoisseurs, thrill seekers, skiers, environmentalists, car-packer-extraordinaires, experience chasers, community members, van campers, and dreamers. With roots in performance, exercise, outdoor sports and wellness, we are kind to the earth while we make and consume products that get you outside and feeling good . 


The brand was born of a desire of its founders to help make enjoying nature accessible and approachable to more people and to spread a sense of belonging in the outdoor-lifestyle  community.  The products curated and made by R+R as well as the operations of the Lodge and Restaurant focus on sustainability.  We know that in order to enjoy the outdoors, we must care for it, be kind to it and leave it better than we found it.

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